How to Live Sustainably in 2022

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Small lifestyle tweaks will help you go green

I grew up in a family which lived frugally. It was always expected that a swish of water would be added to the ketchup to coax out the last vestiges stuck on to the sides of the bottle, or that clothes would be mended, and then mended again, before finally disintegrating into a heap. As a child, this would mortify me, but as an adult, I see how practical, sensible, and sustainable this is. 

At the turn of each year, I look back and reflect on how I simplified my own life in the months gone by. A great part of this shift is a nod toward living more sustainably, not by making any grand gestures, but by taking small steps, which you can accommodate in your lifestyle. Ultimately, it’s small incremental changes that help you to live a little greener, healthier, and cleaner than the year before. Here are some suggestions that you can incorporate into your life.

Farm to Bin

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in 2018 around 68% of uneaten leftovers or spoiled produce, amounting to a staggering 42.8 million tons, ended up in landfills or combustion facilities.1 It was only when I began composting food waste and making bio enzyme that I became aware of just how much food was getting wasted at home (and just how much unnecessary packaging I was accumulating).

By buying from local markets or from farmers (you can get in touch with Community Supported Agriculture to buy directly from a local farmer), buying the quantity I needed, and cooking as much as would be consumed, I was able to regulate food waste. Going local, seasonal, and reasonable saves money, stems waste, and it has certainly kept me healthy.

By Neeti Mehra

Published January 21, 2022 11:00AM EST

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